Southeastern map
Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission

W239 N1812 Rockwood Drive
P.O. Box 1607
Waukesha, WI 53187-1607
Phone: (262) 547-6721
Fax: (262) 547-1103

Counties Served:
Kenosha, Milwaukee,
Ozaukee, Racine, Walworth, Washington, Waukesha

Year Created: 1960

Land Use and Environmental Resources:
Land use planning responsibilities include the preparation of plan recommendations concerning the physical aspects of land use development, and also includes responsibility for developing demographic, economic, and public financial resource data that serve as the basis for regional and subregional plans. The Commission conducts planning activities regarding the protection of the Region’s environment, including: regional water quality, nonpoint source pollution abatement, local sewerage facilities, regional water supply floodplain and stormwater management, and coastal management.

The Commission conducts a range of transportation planning activities, including: data collection, collation, and development; long-range planning for transit facilities, bicycle and pedestrian facilities, and arterial streets and highways; transportation systems management; traffic engineering; transportation improvement programming; rail system planning; air transportation planning; and data provision and technical assistance.

Community Development:
The Commission assists county and local units of government in the Region in the conduct of local planning efforts, thereby promoting coordination of local and regional plans and plan implementation actions, and generally promoting good public administration, as well as sound physical development within the Region. Four basic types of services are provided: education, advisory, review, and project planning.

Economic Development:
The Commission assists county and local units of government in the Region in pursuing economic development activities, and coordinating regional, county, and local economic development plans and programs. Services provided include planning and data provision to regional, county, and local governments and economic development organizations, and revolving loan fund administration.

Information and Data Systems:
The Commission creates and maintains a series of regional planning base maps; serves as a regional coordinating center for the conduct of large-scale topographic and cadastral mapping efforts that serve as an automated mapping base to support land records modernization efforts; and secures orthophotography of the Region at five-year intervals. The Commission also maintains an extensive data bank and processes requests for data retrieval from a broad range of internal and external sources.

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  • Staff
2017 Budget:
$7,580,249 (40% Federal, 5% State, 31% Local Levy, 24% Local and State Contracts)
The Commission consists of 21 members.
Three from each of the seven member counties. One Commissioner form each county is appointed by the County Executive or County Board and is an elected County Baord Supervisor. The remaining two members from each county are appointed by the Governor, one from a list prepared by each County.
Kenosha County: Adelene Greene (Secretary); Robert W. Pitts; Michael J. Skalitzky
Milwaukee County: Brian R. Dranzik; William R. Drew (Treasurer); Theodore Lipscomb, Sr.
Ozaukee County: Thomas H. Buestrin; Jennifer K. Rothstein; Gustav W. Wirth, Jr.
Racine County: Michael Dawson; James A. Ladwig; Peggy L. Shumway
Walworth County: Charles L. Colman (Vice-Chairman); Nancy Russell; Linda J. Seemeyer
Washington County: Jeffrey D. Schleif; Daniel S. Schmidt; David L. Stroik (Chairman)
Waukesha County: Michael A. Crowley; José M. Delgado; James T. Dwyer
Authorized Staff: 69
Staff Contacts:

Kenneth R. Yunker, PE, Executive Director
Michael G. Hahn, PE, Deputy Director
Elizabeth A. Larsen, SPHR, Assistant Director - Administration
Nancy M. Anderson, AICP, Chief Community Assistance Planner
Christopher T. Hiebert, PE, Chief Transportation Engineer
Robert W. Merry, RLS, Chief of Surveying and Mapping
Laura Kletti Herrick, PE, CFM, Chief Environmental Engineer
Thomas M. Slawski, Chief Biologist
David A. Schilling, Chief Land Use Planner
Stephen P. Adams, Public Involvement and Outreach Manager